Weekly Finds | January 2, 2019

Hey Friends!

Between the amount of projects we are working on and the random finds we come upon each week, we thought it would be fun to start sharing some of our faves with you! This week we are focusing on some of the finds we have incorporated into our new office. We moved into our new place last year and while we are still finalizing some of the remaining touches, we wanted to share some of the pieces we really love while we work! We promise to share some pics of our cute space very soon.

Couple things to note while you are scanning the goods…

The pillow (#7) in the mix is from our new friends over at Dwellingly. Not only do they have some amazing products handmade by artisans but a portion of their sales go to people and animals without a home. Talk about an AMAZING cause. I have such a huge heart for both so I will be happy to be supporting this incredible outreach each time I purchase from them and I hope you will too! Please use CODE: TREASUREINTHEDETAIL5 at your checkout on any purchase and you will get 5% off!

Secondly, the candle (#6) is from our friends over at Gleam Living. We are big fans of their natural products and as a special treat to you, use CODE: treasure for 20% off your purchases!

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