Your Holiday Gift Wrapping Guide!

Wrapping gifts is a great way to get into the holiday spirit!  I love thinking about how excited the person receiving the gift is going to be when they open it! Wrapped presents can be more than just gifts....they can serve as holiday décor as well!

Sticking with a neutral color scheme makes it easy for it all to coordinate with the rest of your home décor. This year we went with black, white, and light brown as the main color palette. Adding pops of green makes the look a little more fun and festive!

The black and brown paper as well as the gift tags, twine and string are all from the $DOLLAR section at Target. And the striped paper was found at Homegoods. 

Wrapping string around some eucalyptus or pine makes for an understated yet stylish appearance for your gifts.  Even using something as simple as a black bag with some green tissue is a great modern look. Anyone would be lucky to find these gifts underneath the tree! 

Happy Wrapping Friends!! 

XO, Kelly